INFOCORE - (In)forming conflict prevention: The role of media in violent conflict


INFOCORE pursues a wide range of objectives, which are both academic and professional in nature. As a basis for deriving specific recommendations for media, policy, NGOs and others, the first overall objective is to gain a deep and detailed understanding of the two key processes that determine the role of the media in conflict:

We provide detailed knowledge on the process of conflict news production and identify the key interactions between media, sources, and audiences that shape the roles of media in conflict. Specifically, we focus on interactions between four key kinds of actors that play an active role as sources/advocates, mediators, and users/audiences in shaping media coverage:

We analyze the dynamics of conflict news content over time, and identify recurrent patterns of information diffusion and the polarization/consolidation of specific frames. Specifically, we focus on the following:

Building upon this knowledge, INFOCORE advances four more specific, application-oriented objectives that directly support the formulation and implementation of policies by the EU and its international partners: