INFOCORE - (In)forming conflict prevention: The role of media in violent conflict

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Working Papers

The INFOCORE Working Paper Series closely documents the progress of the scientific work of the project consortium. The working papers include the conceptual foundations of the project’s research objectives, the main methodological strategies and materials, as well as the results from each individual Work Package’s and the project’s joint analysis.

Number Authors Title Published

Conceptual Framework Papers

2014/01 Abit Hoxha
Thomas Hanitzsch

News Production: Theory and Conceptual Framework
Conceptual framework for WP1
2014/02 Gadi Wolfsfeld
Political leaders, media, and conflict

Conceptual framework for WP2
2014/03 Igor Micevski
Distinctions: Audiences, Lay Publics & Media Active Lay Publics 
Conceptual framework for WP3
2014/04 Christoph Meyer
Eric Sangar

NGO, media, and conflict

Conceptual framework for WP4
2014/05 Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou
The role of social media in violent conflict

Conceptual framework for WP5
2014/06 Romy Fröhlich
The contribution and role of strategic communication in the media’s dynamic construction and contest of conflict discourse

Conceptual framework for WP6
2014/07 Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt
Yonatan Gonen
Christian Baden
Journalistic transformation in violent conflict
Conceptual framework for WP7
2014/08 Rosa Berganza
Adolfo Carratalá

Reception of news in political debates

Conceptual framework for WP8
2014/09 Romy Fröhlich
Theoretical/conceptual framework for the gender-sensitive perspective

(within WP1–WP10)
2014/10 Christian Baden
Constructions of violent conflict in public discourse
Conceptual framework for the content & discourse analytic perspective (within WP5, WP6, WP7, & WP8)

Methodological Framework Papers

2015/01 Thomas Hanitzsch
Abit Hoxha
Methodological Framework WP1:
Journalistic Production
2015/02 Gadi Wolfsfeld  

Methodological Framework WP2:
Political Media Strategies

2015/03 Anke Fiedler
Marie-Soleil Frère
Igor Micevski
Snezana Trpevska
Methodological Framework WP3:
Media & Publics
2015/04 Christoph Meyer
Eric Sangar
Methodological Framework WP4:
NGOs, Media & Conflict

Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou
Salome Boukala

Methodological Framework WP5:
Social Media
2015/06 Romy Fröhlich
Marc Jungblut

Methodological Framework WP6:
Development, structure & context of frames: The analysis of verbal communication material of strategic communicators in PR & Propaganda
2015/07 Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt
Christian Baden
Yonatan Gonen

Methodological Framework WP7:

Journalistic Transformation

Rosa Berganza
Beatriz Herrero
Adolfo Carratala

Methodological Framework WP8:
Parliamentary Debates

2015/10 Christian Baden
Katsiaryna Stalpouskaya

Common Methodological Framework: Content Analysis
A mixed-methods strategy for comparatively, diachronically analyzing conflict discourse