INFOCORE - (In)forming conflict prevention: The role of media in violent conflict

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Policy Briefs

Work Package 2:
Political Leaders and the Media: Evidence, Analysis, and Policy Suggestions for Improving the Role of the Media in Violent Conflict‘.
Author: Gadi Wolfsfeld


Work Package 4:
Utilising Open Sources for Conflic Prevention, Management and Resolution: Potential, Limitations and Recommendations‘.
Authors: Christoph Meyer & Eva Michaels.


Work Package 6
Effective and Coherent Media-related Communication During War and Armed Conflicts‘.
Authors: Romy Fröhlich and Marc Jungblut


Work Package 9:
‘1. Policy Recommendations for NGOs and Policy Makers‘. (page 1-5)

2. ‘Policy Recommendations for Media and Academia‘. (p 6-11)
Authors: Marie Fierens (ULB), Emily Jacquard (SFCG), Arianna Khatchadourian (GGI), Milica Pesic (MDI), Georgios Terzis (GGI) and Marie van Boxel (GGI)’