INFOCORE - (In)forming conflict prevention: The role of media in violent conflict

Joint MeCoDEM – INFOCORE Workshop for Early-Career Researchers, University of Leeds, 6th of September 2016

INFOCORE has been working closely with another FP7 EU-Project MeCoDEM given the research focus of both projects on the role of media in conflicts, collaboration between the scholars can contribute greatly to the results as well as initiate new research projects in future. This time, following the joint INFOCORE – MeCoDEM panel at ECREA 2014, a joint MeCoDEM – INFOCORE early-career researchers workshop took place at the University of Leeds on the 6th of September 2016, giving an opportunity to doctoral candidates as well as to post-doctoral students to present their own research and approaches to studying media and conflict. The workshop consisted of three panels and a round table where the participants had a chance to present their work and express their opinions on polarisation and nationalism as parts of conflict and democratisation. INFOCORE was represented by two PhD candidates at the workshop: Katsiaryna Stalpouskaya who has reported on INFOCORE’s innovative approach to automated content analysis and Ieva Zakareviciute who investigates the role of visuals in conflict discourses. Both presentations received a lot of positive feedback and valuable comments which can be used in doctoral thesis of Katsiarya and Ieva as well as to further advance INFOCORE’s methodology. Ieva was also one of the key speakers at the round table. More information on the participants and speakers can be found here.