INFOCORE - (In)forming conflict prevention: The role of media in violent conflict

Academic Collaboration

INFOCORE welcomes researchers who wish to contribute to the wide research agenda presented by the INFOCORE project. To become part of the network of researchers associated with the INFOCORE project network, collaborators are expected to contribute to the overall project objectives. Possible contributions include theoretical elaborations upon INFOCORE’s conceptual framework, empirical research applying INFOCORE methodologies to relevant data, including key elements of INFOCORE’s research questions into related studies, and analyses utilizing INFOCORE data to address questions important to the project. Collaborators are granted access to INFOCORE theoretical and methodological materials, data and findings necessary and relevant for conducting the research (subject to the regulations for data access laid down in the Consortium Agreement). What access is necessary and relevant will be determined on a case-by-case basis. All materials and findings generated by the INFOCORE consortium remain property of the INFOCORE team.

Where collaborators draw upon intellectual property developed by INFOCORE and its members, we encourage co-authoring academic publications with relevant members of the project team. Collaboration requires that there are no conflicts of interest with the objectives and policies of INFOCORE. The consortium retains the right to refuse offers to collaborate.

Researchers who wish to become associated with the INFOCORE network as collaborators should first identify and contact the Work Package Leader most relevant to their prospective contribution. The Work Package Leader then determines whether the contribution is valuable for the project, negotiate what conditions and access rights appear in order to enable collaboration, and present the proposed collaboration to the rest of the consortium.